Goya de Puerto Rico Lobby Installation

GOYA de Puerto Rico‘s 2011 architectural redesign relocated the company’s executive offices to the second level of its manufacturing plant. To manage visitor traffic, a secondary waiting space was made.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the office’s relocation, an update was envisioned. GOYA asked us to conceptualize a graphic strategy that would let visitors see where its plants and warehouses are located. Using bean cans as positive form, an annotated map was custom weaved for the space. The color palette was updated to contrast/highlight the main slogan.

Goya de Puerto Rico


Year Completed

CREDITS _ Creative Direction Alberto Rigau Designers Josué Sánchez & Gerardo Vélez Installation Josué Sánchez, Gerardo Vélez, Victor Blay, Mari Frances Bonnet, Jessica Rivera, Carlos Orraca-Colom, Katherine Arias, Verónica Andino

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