Investigaciones Históricas: Adolfo de Hostos

The Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office asked us to design new visual editorial standards for the Office’s book series.

Investigaciones Históricas by Adolfo de Hostos, the second volume, includes the reprint of two investigations: the archaeological dig of the ruins at Caparra and the research into the possible landing place of Christopher Columbus in Puerto Rico. This is a re-print of an original from 1938, but re-designed with contemporary typography, larger images and an extended appendix.

State Historic Preservation Office


Year Completed

CREDITSContent digitalization Elba Díaz, Sandra Elías, José Marull, Wanda Reyes, Oficina Estatal de Preservación Histórica Proof-reading Wanda Reyes, Oficina Estatal de Preservación Histórica Design Alberto Rigau, Lisa Semidey, Estudio Interlínea Typography Odile, designed by Sibylle Hagmann Printing Asia Pacific Offset

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