100 Preguntas que nos hemos hecho sobre Puerto Rico

Concerned with how readers often fail to acknowledge and ultimately disregard the relevance of student ideas, reducing them to image-making, an Architecture School’s Dean struggled to find the best way to showcase such work.

The School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary by publishing and exhibiting the most important student work made so far. As structure for the publication, it was decided to present the projects in question format, underlining the importance of inquiry over image. One hundred entries (grouped and coded by theme) predetermined the book’s format and that of the exhibit. Elegance (it is about architecture) and informality (but also about students) had to be conveyed.



Year Completed

CREDITS _ Publisher Jorge Rigau, FAIA Graphic Design Alberto Rigau Content Processing  Víctor Blay, Eduardo Miranda y Ricardo Carrero Proofreading Jaime Suárez, Annie Oquendo, Maribel Rijos

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